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Here Be Dragons: Conspiracy Theory and the Power Elite

Someone recently posted a blog in the Integral Life community titled “Perhaps There is a Big Elephant in the Integral Room,” in which Brent Simpson asks:

“Over the last few months I have come across Alex Jones. His views to say the least are radical. He is positing that the government (at the highest levels)… is already non-left/right (Something Wilber pushes for & I believe could be wonderfully powerful if just people run the show). Jones’ view is that however, the left/right paradigm is a hoax it is used as a means to rile people into partisan thought. Where in reality the control is really coming from banking elite. Wacky right? I agree… it sounds/is far out. But, the far out-ness of it does not on its own negate its possibility of truth. As truth claims must be empirically looked into right?

Here’s the scary thing… he in my view provides some real suggestive evidence that there may well be some real truths to what he has to say. The stuff is far out no doubt… but it requires personal inquiry to ascertain if such important info is or isn’t true.

Look for yourself: http://www.infowars.com & http://www.prisonplanet.com”

Brian Oconnell responded by saying:

“Too much reality might make Integral’s and Ken’s Vision have to be revised. The LR would look much different with the truths your pointing to…. Integral thinks it has a grasp of the LR. But does not understanding banking 101. Integral needs a LR awakening and quick before the Elite blob takes over Integral hopes.”

Here was my response.

As a life-long enthusiast of conspiracy theory, i’ve kept an eye on everything from Alex Jones to the Masons, to the Bilderbergers, and all the way to glass domes on the moon, structures on Mars, ancient astronauts, and various forms of (occasionally illicit) extraterrestrial liaison.  Not only is it wildly entertaining to wrap interesting mythologies around the complexity of modern life, it’s also a great way to remind myself of everything i don’t know—and i personally think that it is extremely important for even our best maps of reality to acknowledge the mind boggling mystery at the periphery of understanding, dark seas of incomprehension scribed with warnings that plainly read: “Here Be Dragons.”

The problem with most conspiracy theory is that, when followed through to the end with a critical eye, any particular theory ends up appearing hopelessly naive.  However, it is equally naive to think that, in a world with as dramatically imbalanced a distribution of wealth as ours, there are no conspiracy theories at all.  American and European history has been decidedly influenced by a plethora of secret societies, each with its own sphere of influence, control, and power.  Let’s be clear—those with the most wealth and power will almost always manipulate the system so they can maintain that power.  And they use tactics that have been in play since at least the Roman Empire—even the Babylonian, if you listen to Alex Jones.  But, outside the world of comic books and caped crusaders (the Guild of Calamitous Intent notwithstanding), it is hard to imagine any single room of people powerful enough (or competent enough with their power) to successfully manipulate and control the thoughts and values of over six billion individual agents around the world.

Conspiracies certainly exist, but no prison is strong enough to confine Eros.

Much of the confusion, i believe, is due to an unnecessary personification of the “nexus-agency” of the lower right quadrant—e.g. Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand”—there is a very real “intelligence” to the LR quadrant, a self-organizing force that we have begun to intuit, but have found difficult to account for (at least before Ken Wilber’s four-quadrant map made it explicit)—and while looking for some way to “ground” this LR intelligence in the real world, we naturally project it onto the power elite.  After all, if there anyone who could influence the political, industrial, military, and entertainment worlds, it would certainly be the top .0001% of the wealthiest people in the world.  But to think that any of them would be capable of subverting more than 500 years of individual liberty, enslaving the free-thinkers of the world under some sort of monolithic New World Order aegis of global totalitarianism (as Alex Jones suggests) is hopelessly naive, and radically overestimates our own sway on the forces of evolution in this lonely pocket of the galaxy.

It reminds me of my favorite argument against those who believe the Bush administration was responsible for 9/11*—do you really think that those responsible for the FEMA, Guantanamo Bay, and Iraqi WMD fiascos could really carry out an operation as incomprehensibly complex as a 9/11 coverup?**

As to Brian’s comment that “the LR would look much different with the truths you’re pointing to”—would it really?  Isn’t this thirst for wealth and power pretty much covered by the “Red” stage of development?  And isn’t it made pretty explicit that any level of cognition can be hijacked by ego-centric values, and that these power-hungry values can even be dressed up (double-speak style) with the language of pretty much any other stage of values?  While i agree that the integral treatment of political science has remained highly abstract and conceptual, and its real-world implementation needs to take into account the fact that the power elite and the developmental elite seem to share almost no overlap whatsoever, i don’t think our distribution of wealth and power does anything to “break” the integral model.  I also think it can accommodate the concept of “esoteric” and “exoteric” power dynamics as they exist today and throughout history, which is what most political conspiracy theory concerns itself with.

Again, i think it is foolish to believe any given conspiracy theory, on it’s own merit.  The truth is too big, too complex, and most likely too compartmentalized for even the conspirators themselves to fully understand.  And it is easy to become seduced by the sorts of generalizations people like Alex Jones throw around so easily, such as the idea that distinctions between the American Right and Left are mere Illuminati illusions—one only needs to look at the deeply-embedded culture wars of America to see that, on an ideological level, the Left and the Right represent some very real distinctions of modern political thought.  That is, even if the American political system has been manipulated on a structural level by the power elite, it is still inhabited by a plurality of different perspectives—some red, some amber, some orange, some green, some teal, and some turquoise.  Some valuing individualist libertarianism, some collectivist socialism.  Some emphasizing interior values, some emphasizing exterior conditions.  Some socially liberal, some socially conservative; some fiscally liberal, some fiscally conservative.  Again, although i agree that the integral community still needs to find more pragmatic interpretations of real-world power dynamics, we already have all the conceptual tools we need to do so—we just need to continue unfolding the map and unpacking some of these insights.

Personally, i have noticed that i have grown far less interested in conspiracies of imprisonment, and more interested in conspiracies of jailbreak—that is, if any one of the thousands of possible conspiracies was actually true, it would be extraterrestrial contact that would have the potential of radically reconfiguring our integral maps.  Nothing would stretch our definitions of the word “integral” more than interplanetary contact.  Just a couple weeks ago at Ken’s loft, he said something along the lines of “right now in history, we have the biggest opportunity we will ever have to integrate all the world’s knowledge and to get a real sense of the universal—until we make extraterrestrial contact, when we will have to compare our integrated world-truth with all the other integrated world-truths that are out there.”  But we don’t even need to be so visionary—i think that even finding a single microorganism in the seas of Europa would be enough to galvanize a massive upswell of human consciousness, as we would have a new symbolic “other” by which to contrast a new global sense of “us.”

You can almost smell the pot fumes with this sort of dorm-room philosophizing ^_^

* Which is an entirely different group of people than those who believe the Bush administration wasn’t directly responsible for executing the 9/11 attacks, but knew it was going to happen and allowed it to, precipitated by Cheney’s confession that we “need” a “new Pearl Harbor”—which i find to be a far more believable accusation.

** Just so i don’t come off as a typical liberal Bush-basher (though it can sometimes seem like shooting whales in a barrel) i will say in self-defense that i am horribly disappointed that the media has been ignoring the admirable success of his AIDS work in Africa, as it’s been recently estimated that his actions are responsible for saving the lives of over one million people.  It was a shining diamond in the eight-year rough that should receive far more acknowledgment than it does.  For some reason i doubt very much that Dick Cheney was closely involved in that one.  (Yes, i am a typical liberal Cheney basher.)

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  1. atinyspeckofdust
    August 21, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    awesome article Corey! Agree with the alien aspects – although you did not delve deeper into the possibility that they are already here – either merely observing – or actively participating – and may have been responsible for consciousness embodied in this planet

  2. August 22, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    Corey, as you know, I’m a big fan of you, your writing, and your mind. And I’m glad you seem aware of the level at which this argument, like so many in this field, is operating … namely at the “armchair,” or at you say “dorm-room” level. It is a very cogent, compelling and (as usual) beautifully rendered piece, nonetheless. And I appreciate your honesty and clarity as we are shown, to some degree, your attempt to find the coherence in these “theories” (if we can even call them that, at this level). You at least attempt to find a “plane of consistency” with the mounting data, which would warrant the zeal with which so many people champion these ideas and points of view. The integral thinker in you asks, “What is the collective truth behind these POVs?” And indeed you seem to have found at least its tail, as have I. (But it is turning out to be a much longer tail than I had suspected.)

    The impressive thing I have always found with you is first of all that, like me, you are a perspective junky, and the bigger the perspective the better. We can’t get enough because we know the breathtaking vistas these grand views can bring, let alone that they can show us the new roads to take. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, you have guts. You dare (and actively seek) to look your shadows in the face, no matter how large they loom, while the mass of bodies around you is busy chewing its collective faux-news cud, thought-policing its own muddled ruminations against the old-new “conspiracy” taboo. Unphased by the media’s parade of ridicule, trotting out yet another lone gun-man, reject-lumber-jack-looking “conspiracy-nut”, you at least have begun the difficult process of *looking* the collective shadow in the face.

    You seem quite aware that indeed ‘conspiracy’ is a constant throughout history, because after-all it is simply the shadow of the “WE quadrant” (in integral parlance) employing the “skillful means” of privacy (and rhetoric) to do what power always does (as Habermas shows), to distort the field of knowledge itself thereby increasing its own power differential. And if knowledge is power, and power is knowledge, you know this is a feedback loop; an autocatalysis, in complexity science. Power always seeks to maximize the differential which brings it into being, and thus, says Habermas, it always brings with it a distortion of information itself. The greater the power, the greater the ability to distort the field of information feeding back into the ability to consolidate and generate more power, leading to more capacity for distortion, power, distortion, etc, etc. This cycle inevitably leads to the point that it distorts beyond recognition the very perception of that power itself. (This power is not other than eros, however. It is the very heart of desire beating within the spirit of evolution. It is simply unchecked by systems of morality or ethics, as it is both beneath and beyond them, to whatever degree. And it would be foolish to assume that power, especially at the highest levels, would not be intelligent enough to recognize the advantages of cooperation, consolidating and synergistically merging to gain more power, individually and collectively.)

    Anyway, back to my narrative… You seem to say (as do I), “Conspiracy schmonspiracy! I don’t care if my friends think I’m a frigging fringe-wearing lunatic. WHAT IS THE REALITY? ‘The truth is out there!!!’” … ha ha ha … And of course it’s everywhere, if we can just discern it from the rubbish, both accidental and intentional (often actual “counter-intelligence” generated by power to obscure itself, e.g. the various his-stories “written by the victors”).

    As you mentioned, you have chased a great many leads into the junk pile, and peeled back layers and layers of trash, following one possible nugget of truth after the other as it rolls away into the darkness, with each one on closer inspection, as you say, falling apart, or found to be just more of the same junk. I have done similar, and like you I have dismissed one junk “theory” after another, finding most of them supported largely by hyped-up and well-advertized vapor and confusion surrounding and obscuring that one gleaming nugget of truth or group of facts used (consciously or not) to lure you in.

    But through it all, what sticks with you are those little nuggets, the bloody bits of evidence hanging on that hook that you pull from your cheek (pardon my metaphorical mash-up). What you retain is the empiricism which supports the rational and transrational view of the collective shadow (or the “great conspiracy”) attempting to form in your mind; the bits of raw data that simply can’t be dismissed with the wave of a magic-mythic hand. Like a jig-saw puzzle these pieces of data collect on the dorm-room floor around your arm-chair and TV, and with every new perspective you take on, the pieces are there to help ask, “Well, does this piece right here fit anywhere in this map? How about *this* group of pieces right here already forming a clear image? And those pieces over there? Where do *they* all fit into this would-be new ‘reality’? And what from dimension did *that* piece teleport into my dorm room? Space alien reptilians? Is that *really* a valid piece of empirical data at all, or does it just pretend to be? OK, we’ll put it in that pile, waaaay over there until or unless some other piece begins to justify it.” The pieces, you know, begin to form an active filter for judging the veracity and usefulness of a “theory,” based on the the amounts of pieces it can make sense of, and the coherence of the narrative which it must construct to do so.

    So long as we are being rational, the “theories” or points of view we each hold are driven by, indeed composed of (largely) the pieces we maintain in view. (If we are not being rational, then we simply hold sacrosanct the theories given to us by our culture, scientific or otherwise, which explains how Science is not other than a myth, if we take it at a mythic, pre-given level.) If enough pieces are present which don’t fit the puzzle-maps (theories) given by the mainstream or exoteric, we can no longer take it seriously as a whole, and we begin looking elsewhere for deeper, more esoteric maps. This is why I say, “don’t listen to conspiracy theories or conspiracy theorists! Listen to ‘conspiracy empiricists’ and specifically, only take their *hard data* seriously.” There is too much junk out there to waste your time sorting through. And if you only hold on to the data, and discard the emotion, opinion, rampant low-level moralizing, etc, etc, then the purest (and most authentic) “theories” or perspectives will emerge in your own mind to do their dance for you, while you keep track of your favorites which you may wish to call and dance again.

    Like you, Corey, I have been on this path a long time, and have allowed myself to stray far away from the bright street-lamps of the common view, the exoteric, and into the dark wild of the esoteric, with its own obscured light and shadow. The search is a passion of mine; to collect the clues and refine my maps. As I said, I’m a perspective junkie. But some of the data I’ve been collecting lately, for the last few years, has really blown apart my former maps. These many pieces, extremely solid in empirical detail, simply do not fit into the old maps. And so those maps, already far afield into the no-man’s land of the esoteric, are no longer being taken seriously by me as anything but the necessary steps in the onion, or rungs of the ladder or pyramid of perspectives (to use a Masonic narrative 😉 leading to a holistic and more deeply realistic global view of the WE quadrant, largely. The data I’m talking about has to do with the largest corporations, and the most well-funded foundations or “Non-Governmental Organizations” (NGOs) on the planet. This is data that they produce themselves in books, journals, memorandums, speeches, agendas, internal research, and public-facing documents. It is the data focused both within the organizations (and the collective organization which they indeed appear to consciously form at the higher levels) and focused without, in the form of public relations pieces. It is the “inner voice” (in the public domain, yet virtually unknown by the collective mass) in collectively communicating and internally realizing the ideals, goals, plans, histories, research, justifications, etc, of these groups focused individually, and at larger collective levels. And it is the outer voice of these groups as they effect these goals and agendas in the global sphere, through propaganda campaigns, foundations, lobbyists, and “advisory” and revolving-door roles in the domains of supra-, infra-, and national politics.

    Taking several years to just let these pieces fall on the floor, discarding their attendant emotions, opinions, moralizing, and theories, a point of view has bubbled up from within myself which is radically different from my former view, and no doubt will appear as ludicrous to those who haven’t taken time to collect the data, as it once appeared to me. From this emergent point of view, I can no longer take seriously the notion reinforced in the media that the majority of nations are sovereign at all (including the USA, which is how “we” allowed our economic critical infrastructure and life-blood to be sold to China, et. al. ) Rather, what’s clear, i.e. what the puzzle pieces are incontrovertibly showing me and many others (and it’s important to maintain a moral and emotional neutrality here, lest it cloud the gelling pov), is that nations are largely irrelevant in politics anymore. They are pawns in a larger conscious and active game, an esoteric science and engineering of society at the highest levels. The data shows that national politics (including the whole Left/Right divide, centering on, and magnifying natural polarities and differences in the human population to create an unnatural antagonistic division and diversion) is there to give the mass of men the illusion of choice and democracy in order to pacify them and reinforce the accidental view of history at the higher levels. This accidental view of history serves to mask and further consolidate the power that “advises” or actually manages the national-level politicians in their largely PR roles interfacing the globalist agenda with the masses. This is why virtually every president of the US has come from, or has advisers from these higher circles, e.g. from the CFR and the Trilateral Commission, which are not democratically elected governmental organizations, but rather private globalist NGOs, some of the same ones about which I speak. And it is also why, when a president goes back on his globalist allegiances, e.g. both Lincoln and Kennedy, they are quickly and relatively cleanly dispatched.

    It is very clear from this data–indeed I see no realistic, rational or empirical way around it at all–that there is a “parallel government” (also called the “real government”) which is running the show. Indeed this has been directly stated and explained in detail by many key individuals, including Carroll Quigley (a former official historian for the Council on Foreign Relations and, in his role as professor, a huge influence on Bill Clinton), and Margaret Thatcher (she claimed to be a member of this “parallel government”). The parallel government, or “global governance” as they are now calling it, was not elected by any democratic vote. It was brought into power by its own means, namely the means of raw power itself, through the manipulation of wars, religions, nations, economics, bureaucracy, foundations, hostile takeovers, intelligence, espionage, etc. For the purpose of increasing its own rising power differential, it has funded and organized countless riots, political revolutions, and funded the creation of entire national identities as, in its own words, “grand experiments”, e.g. the USSR and the USA. That’s in the official historical records. It operates inter-generationally (Fabian-style) and incrementally toward its agenda to change the global sphere to its advantage, and it is for this main reason, this ‘glacial’ or intergenerational speed, that the progression of this agenda is so difficult to see in a single human life-span. It moves, when it must, at a meta-human speed, whose changes can only be seen through tracking its progress historically. But since it funds and manages the education system itself (e.g. UNESCO), it can only be seen in action in any detail at all, through its own internal histories (the outside views are PR, and naturally ‘slanted’, and distorted). This is why Carroll Quigley’s work is so valuable. As the official historian of the CFR for two years, he was privy to its internal archives and those of the other organizations which he details are all linked together in the same “network”, as he calls it. With this data Quigley constructed his historical account (it was quickly pulled from the shelves, however). But this work is just one of very many examples from the mouths of the members of these groups, detailing and outlining the facts not given in academia or the media. And much of the details of this information are only mentioned in a confused way, if at all, in most of the “conspiracy theories” out there, as they drag in all sorts of garbage, from extra-dimensional beings, to a nefarious alien agenda. And this is why any attempt at finding the global perspective of the collective shadow of the esoteric is doomed without first taking account of this kind information and quickly discarding those theories that do not address it, and which hypothesize all this other nonsense with no facts to back it up.

    At any rate, if you haven’t looked seriously into this data, then that would explain why you stopped short of recognizing the deeper level of power in action. It would explain why you lost the trail in the search for the global esoteric view, in the field of junk theory and propaganda. The amount of information is indeed vast, but it is also largely dry and dense. And the mass of men, entertained by the fast-paced, attention-deficit media machine, cannot maintain focus (or vocabulary anymore) long enough to get far at all into its dense thicket.

    This is why they call it an “open conspiracy”. It doesn’t even bother to hide its communications (other than distractions and a distorted global view in the media), because even if people know it exists in the public domain, for one they won’t take the time to read it, and two, they won’t believe it if they do read it, simply because it doesn’t fit their spoon-fed second-hand world-view.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your article, Corey, and the sincere attempt to outline the world as you see it. And I feel the issue is important enough to warrant another, from perhaps a different set of data.

    Keep up the good work, brother!

    All best,


  3. Eric Giesbrecht
    August 22, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    from your own thoughts,

    “It reminds me of my favorite argument against those who believe the Bush administration was responsible for 9/11*—do you really think that those responsible for the FEMA, Guantanamo Bay, and Iraqi WMD fiascos could really carry out an operation as incomprehensibly complex as a 9/11 coverup?**”

    brother corey, i’ll start with this, as i attempt over the next few days to gather some thoughts together to post here:

    “Only small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”

    ~M. McLuhan

  4. August 23, 2009 at 7:55 am

    Discussion of the lower right and how do we help design a saner & more humane approach to maintaining space ship earth is a primary focus, I feel, for the coming age.
    As you have brought this to the forefront with the addition of AQAL thinking I am heartened.

    I hope integral leaders will be able to illustrate & influence structural design thinking that leads to successful vs. old design failures around the world.

    Maybe I am naïve or a cockeyed optimist but, I do feel we need design change big time on the planet and that change can happen sooner as everything integral expands its range.

    Please keep beating the drum of integral understanding as you proceed on target.



  5. August 24, 2009 at 9:14 am

    I’ve just finished a short book entitled AMERICA, FREEDOM AND ENLIGHTENMENT: AN OPEN LETTER TO AMERICANS ABOUT PATRIOTISM AND GLOBAL SOCIETY. While emphasizing the positive, I do not overlook the negative. The ultimate for of the negative is called the New World Order, now being implemented by various means which have given rise to various conspiracy theories. Here is a long footnote from the book which gives my “take” on conspiracy theories.


    Those shadowy international forces include a longstanding conspiracy to create a world government which will eliminate our liberty and sovereignty, both individual and national. It is commonly known as the New World Order. What is it and how does it operate?

    I see four levels to the process by which the New World Order is being implemented. Call it the Four C’s: conspiracy, collusion, consensus and complacence. The process is structured like a pyramid.

    At the top is actual conspiracy among a small number of plutocratic elites and their minions. The most visible signs of such plutocratic conspiracy can be seen in the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and others whom some collectively call “the Insiders” and “the Invisible Government.”

    The second level of the pyramid is collusion among globalist organizations set up by the plutocrats to do their bidding, but whose membership often doesn’t recognize that. Most notable among those organizations are the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Export-Import Bank, Federal Reserve System, World Trade Organization, and the United Nations and all its spinoffs. The world’s central banks are taking control of the global economy; the world government is being set up through the UN. The number who collude is significantly larger than the number of primary conspirators, but is still only a small percentage of the many thousands of people who are employees of those organizations. The rank-and-file of such organizations, by and large, are decent people unaware of their role in the larger scheme. They fall into the third level of operation in the scheme to establish a New World Order.

    The third level is conditioned consensus. This level has predisposed large numbers of people—millions in America alone—to accept in sheep-like fashion the actions and social-political positions of the conspiratorial elite. That consensus is achieved through manipulation of the news, school curricula and other sources of information, and cultural institutions in general. The controlled major media, both print and broadcast, bias their reportage in favor of the globalist perspective held by their owners, who are among the plutocratic elite conspiring to become Masters of the Universe. Thus the elite are given an aura of respectability and wisdom as they act toward the apparently noble objective of global governance.

    The fourth level—the base of the pyramid—represents the largest number of people who are unknowingly assisting the New World Order: complacent citizens. These are the ones who take no interest in the political process or social-economic issues, but settle for ignorance and a superficial life of “bread and circuses” via the various forms of mind-dumbing, moral-numbing entertainment which destroy all sense of civility and refinement in life. Judging by the number of voters who did not exercise their responsibility to cast a ballot in recent national elections, this level is fully half of the adult American population.

    Why does the New World Order conspiracy exist?

    What the architects of the New World Order intend is essentially the destruction of America and the creation of what amounts to a global plantation. And why do they intend that? The answer is simple: They have an arrogant, elitist view of themselves and, in their inflated self-delusion, believe they know better than anyone else how the world should be run, so they will force that upon humanity, no matter what. Since they believe themselves to be godlike in their wisdom, and since—I say this in their favor—they are motivated in part by genuine concern for global problems which will affect them and their families, and are therefore not wholly evil people, they take the view that the end justifies the means and are working to create a world government in which everything can be run to their satisfaction. The bottom line: they want to control Planet Earth, its natural and cultural resources and the people of the world, and have been covertly working toward that objective for decades.

    Now, a world government has much to recommend itself, as I noted above. I would be delighted if national borders were someday eliminated so that I didn’t have to go through Customs when traveling. I would be delighted if I didn’t have to exchange currencies because there was a unified monetary system for the planet. I would be delighted if I didn’t have to go through the postal system’s rates and fees when mailing outside the U.S. And I would be profoundly grateful if the world didn’t waste trillions of dollars on armies and military might, so that wars between nations and ethnic groups and religious groups were a thing of the past, and differences between belligerent groups were settled peacefully, rationally and justly in a forum such as the United Nations or a World Court. All that is part of the age-old global dream of peace and prosperity and true community/brotherhood on Earth.

    So why am I against the New World Order? Because it is a scam. Because it is a counterfeit—a total prostitution of that age-old dream. Because it is a deliberate but covert and stealthy attempt to impose an ideology called socialism, a bankrupt philosophy which has failed everywhere because the centralized power it requires inevitably leads to tyranny. Moreover, any element of high-mindedness on the part of the principals involved is secondary to their primary motivation, which is to remake the world in their own image and become Masters of the Universe. That motivation is the hallmark of Satan, of extreme self-centeredness and naked egotism which leads directly to totalitarianism, collectivism and the abrogation of every civil liberty and human right which humanity, with America at the vanguard, has worked and fought and died for over centuries. The result of the New World Order will be political, economic and social slavery—period.

    Note that the hallmark of the New World Order is essentially a rejection of God and His plan for human salvation via enlightened living—that is, living in accordance with the ideals, principles and values of the Perennial Philosophy, which is the collective highest wisdom of humanity’s enlightenment traditions and which—I’ve said throughout this book—is the essence of the American Spirit. Heaven on earth results from living in a God-centered manner; hell on earth results from living in a self-centered manner. We have the free will to choose either. The architects of the New World Order have chosen the latter, and then delude themselves that they are doing good. Their model, although they are not really conscious of it, is Satan as depicted in John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost. There, Satan defies God and declares “Non serviam,” I will not serve. “I would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven,” Satan says, and then sets about trying to remake the universe in his own image. That is precisely the mindset of the architects of the New World Order.

    Note also that the characteristics of the New World Order conspirators are secrecy, deception and lies. “By their fruits ye shall know them” says the Bible, and it is still the truest test of character and intent.

    Last of all, note that the people who make the best slaves are people who (1) are unaware they are slaves, (2) love their masters and (3) wear golden shackles in the form of government welfare and subsidies which chain them to the state, relieving them of the responsibility to think for themselves and to support themselves via honest labor. The “dumbing down of America” has placed mental and moral blinders of people while glamorizing politicians to make them attractive celebrities rather than genuine servants of the people.

    I am in favor of a true world community but not a New World Order. The United States of the World is the community I espouse. The people of America are facing a clear choice about their future and the human future: Enslavement or enlightenment?

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