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The Twintegral (R)evolution

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Here’s a short list of integral luminaries on twitter that i compiled (well, the second list is pretty luminous, anyway….)

If you have a twitter account and want to find other Integral Life members to follow, be sure to post your twitter username in the comments section on Integral Life.


Integral Life:

Corey W. deVos:

Robert MacNaughton:

Angie Hinickle:

IL Blogs:


Boulder Integral:

Dan Millman:

Deepak Chopra:

Ed Kowalczyk:

Genpo Roshi:

Hunter Lovins:

iEvolve Global Practice Community:

Lama Surya Das:

Marc Gafni:

Marianne Williamson:

Marilyn Schlitz:

Michael Dowd:

Neale Donald Walsch:

Robert Augustus Masters

Saul Williams:

Shawn Phillips:

Stuart Davis:

Tony Robbins:

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