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What Is Boomeritis?

July 27, 2009 3 comments

(This is the first thing i ever wrote for Integral Naked, way back in 2003.)

What is Boomeritis?

Diagnosis: The postmodern cultural condition whereby highly developed cognitive pluralism becomes infected with poorly developed emotional narcissism.

Symptoms include (but are not limited to): rampant deconstructive tendencies; fits of nihilism and romanticism; self-serving victimhood; aperspectival madness; idiot compassion and reckless egalitarianism; frequent outbreaks of hypocrisy and performative contradiction; earth-shaking delusions of grandeur.

Prognosis: Boomeritis is a parasite which feeds off of the fruits of postmodernity. Those inflicted often lose themselves in a solipsistic playground of self-indulgence where, under the banner of pluralism, they place themselves at the center of the universe, only to awaken one day in a barren wasteland of self-deception and spiritual impotence. This disease ultimately infects the entire Spiral, collapsing it into flatland inanity, widening and reinforcing the gaps between each successive stage of consciousness by viciously denying developmental stages altogether. Under the hypnotic gaze of Boomeritis, multiculturalism becomes rigid identity politics; pluralism becomes fascist political correctness; and ecological sensitivity becomes the Unabomber.

Treatment: Integral Life Practice, familiarization with the Always Already, high doses of humility and humor.

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