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  1. Linda Hollier
    July 22, 2009 at 12:16 am

    At the following link is a personal anecdote to invite discussion and encourage further sharing on this topic:


    Thanks for introducing this topic, Corey. Giving such an experience a post-metaphysical interpretation added to its value for me.

  2. July 22, 2009 at 1:00 am

    Do you find that interpreting or conceptualizing synchronicity collapses along with the collapse or confluence of intention, behavior, meaning and circumstance that you mention? How does the meaning collapse, would you say? Does meaning still matter? What is your intention in posting this? Is this a question of widening the circle? collaboration? looking for synchronicity?

    Is there simply the option of an experiential or intentional attentional shift from gross interpretations (at high or low levels) or behavior to more of a straightforward, momentary, subtle acceptance and affirmation (“next structure attempting to be born” out/in to infinity-nonduality)?

    I’ve also had what I’d consider a non-drug-induced spontaneous satori (I’ll go with James Austin’s ZEN AND THE BRAIN description as closest for me), and it has changed things:) I’ve tended to disregard synchronicity due to oversimplified interpretation, but I’m curious about what you might have to say. (Has this just become a hermeneutic trap?) I’ve recently been asking myself how something like Wilber’s philosophy, biofeedback, and intentional practice technologies change the path or influence the likelihood and texture of “accidents”. It seems to me that this all involves an intentional, informed-by-good-theory, shift from purposeful or disciplined drive to less effortful intention through clarity to grace. Seems impossible to describe it without doing/being it. Like we’re talking about what sort of yellow SDi inputs to validate as one’s contributions to higher-than-yellow group potentials. In one, sense the answer, then, is YES-YOU! or YES-ME! or YES-US! (-with-no-Other).

    Is this predominantly a question of how momentariness or pinpoint awareness (singlemindedness or the emptiness characteristic) interacts with other time experiences? At 43 minutes into your conversation, Wilber mentions similar potentialities being simultaneously evoked. Are you checking for similar potentialities? communion? Are you basically asking (like 46 minutes in) whether folks believe/feel Eros actually exists? “You can’t explain emergence”, but we can choose some extent of our input. That extent and input come down to intentional attentional abilities and unique history/potential. Better attentional abilities allow for greater agency or design.

  3. John Wagnon
    July 22, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    I tend to be skeptical of morphogenetic fields – they don’t seem falsifiable to me. I have certainly had the experience of synchronicity. It is present at least in the 1p and probably the 2p as well. Is it present in the 3p? So far it doesn’t seem accessible by 3p methods (which is why orange science calls it luck and coincidence). Perhaps it is something that can only be falsified or validated by methods from 4p perspectives or higher. Given that we have only barely begun developing injunctions for the 4p then it is possible that future injunctions will validate synchronicity as an all quadrant phenomenon – just as it is possible that future injunctions will validate all kinds of things. For right now, though, it seems to me to be limited to the left quadrants and so is more a phenomenon of perception than anything.

    Imho. 😉

  4. July 23, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    I’m using the seeker route having amassed personal experience, no books, and the above audio stream. Was considering the ‘feeling’ and sensing of a ‘presence’ while awareness of synchronicity occurring and the idea of all quadrants simultaneously aligning and collapsing, dropping the body/mind into the next structure of consciousness, enabling the higher self, that which is trying to emerge, to make a grounded, landing of place within the space of the self.

    The dropping into your body can be correlated to the creation of a boundary. The boundary as emergence, establishes and enables the sense of self experience, aka, being present such that it feels like a presence (go forth/go to self). The boundary is the container that holds the experience. Enabling awareness as consciousness to collect, to remember, to keep in place. The boundary holds the presence of self.

    Also, synchronicity might not just be the joy of everything falling in a good way, when everything seems great! That’s how it is mostly spoken about. The other day I had a synchronistic occurrence which led to an understanding. Nothing kept happening that I had tried to plan and put in place. So reality precipitated, rained on my expectations, and manifested clarity, direction. Similar domain. And suddenly, the same dropping into feeling, sense of presence, knowing.

    Plus, now I get to write about it. Right here. Right now. Right on COREYWDEVOS.com. I hear a yippee over here….

  1. July 22, 2009 at 11:33 pm

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